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Farm Day 2018

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Our History

Monte Vista first opened in 1980 as a program under the Simi Valley Adult School, serving only high school students. Our first graduating class had two graduates. In 1996, Monte Vista School moved from the Adult School campus to its own campus at 1755 Blackstock Avenue, and expanded to serving independent students in grades 1 through 12.

In August 2011, we moved into new modular buildings, which included a dedicated computer and science lab area, in addition to the classroom building and offices. 

In 2015, Monte Vista School relocated to the site of the recently closed Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, and began classes in the 2015-2016 school year. That same year, we expanded our offerings to include Kindergarten programs. We currently have 29 teachers with us, reflecting our growth over the years.

In the years since, we have quadrupled our enrollment, created a rich school farm and garden complete with chickens, our rooster and greenhouses, opened the Monte  Vista Study Cafe where students can use our free WiFi and camaraderie, and expanded our classes and programs significantly. Monte Vista School is a vibrant learning community that supports our independent study and homeschool families with a complete menu of elementary, middle and high school course options.

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Monte Vista Study Cafe

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